Coaches are the athletes’ principal teachers. Beyond the coaching know-how, they must know how to communicate and teach, so as to help the sportsmen under them to grow and become the best they can be - and carry their teams to victory.



Training in Management of Human Resources

We help coaches to improve their training beyond the sporting arena. We want them to know how to manage their athletes in the best way possible, so as to help them reach even higher.


Language training

Knowing how to communicate with the athletes is the first step towards their and their teams’ success. In the past 15 years most of the best footballers have come from Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. This is why we provide assistance to coaches wishing to improve their ability in languages like English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Supporting integration in wider society

Just like the athletes under them, it is important that coaches should be able to manage their lives during and after their sporting careers. We help coaches and their families to learn how to deal with media exposure, and, in the event of a move to another country, we show them how they can adapt to a different culture.


Support in the socio-cultural sphere

Coaches have to work with athletes from different cultures and different customs. It is important that they should know how to deal with the difference, so as to obtain best performance and help the athlete to grow. We provide access to workshops which show how to overcome social and cultural barriers.